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ABADA- Capoeira

Introducing Brazilian Culture and the Brazilian art of Capoeira to the John Jay community through instruction, demonstrations and performances.

African Students Association (ASA)

Enhances and mainstreams knowledge of the diverse African cultures through performance, lectures, and music, dance and creative arts

Africana Studies

The Department of Africana Studies is a multidisciplinary department engaged in critical analyses of current and historical sociological, economic, political, psychological and cultural issues concerning the African Diaspora and Africa.

Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) (ABC)

The purpose of ABC is to spread awareness about bullying, explore how to prevent bullying and develop a safe space and community on campus.

Arab Student Union (ASU)

Together we wish to explore and provide exposure to the diversity of Arab culture through food, film, lectures, music, presentations and dance.

Art & Justice Fellowship Program

The John Jay Art & Justice Fellows Program combines rigorous academic and fine arts experience, faculty mentorship, and professional arts internships for a select group of upper-level students.

Artists United

Music lovers with a keen interest in musical expression & arrangements at John Jay- this is not just a club for musicians!

Association for Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA)

Networking group that helps students grow professionally


The John Jay College of Criminal Justice Athletic Program provides a comprehensive, competitive and fulfilling program in which all can feel pride, commitment and affiliation.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union strives to provide and maintain conditions in which all students may receive a quality education, advance their academic and social responsibility, and advocate for the liberation of women and men within the black diaspora.

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